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Daily Gratitude

I have recently started reading a book titled 'Living Life as a Thank You: The Transformative Power of Daily Gratitude' by Nina Lesowitz and Mary Beth Sammons Foreword by Lee Woodruff. Honestly I personally struggle with being grateful because I have been spoiled all of my life with getting my way most of the time. Even to this day I throw slight tantrums if I do not get my way, sad right? lol Have you ever had a flaw that you could not stop from happening even though you knew it wasn't right? Yup, that's how it goes! Mostly with my family or a guy that I am dating only though. I don't throw tantrums/attitude fits on my friends or associates if things do not go my way. If something doesn't go my way everyone will know it and my whole attitude will change. I am not a fan of the word NO or things not going as I think they should go. I have a really hard time when things that I plan or see happening in my mind not playing out that way. I ran across this book on IG this summer but for whatever reason I did not buy it right away. However, I finally purchased it (on eBay used for really cheap). I started reading it on a flight to Vegas this past weekend and on the way back I was zooming through the book. It has really made me think deeply about life. I immediately witnessed a change within myself. Basically the book shares a collection of stories from various people on how gratitude changes their life for the better in health, mental, stress, and positive outcomes. I encourage each of you to read this book if you struggle with being grateful like myself. The biggest takeaways so far are from the gratitude practices given at the end of each story. First is the ten ways to get more energy by being thankful:

1. Gratitude Journal (write down 5 things/people you are grateful every night)

2. Before Sleeping (go to bed with a SMILE) because you are thinking of the things you appreciate)

3. Gratitude Dance (dance as if no one was looking)

4. Appreciate family, friends, and co-workers

5. Express Appreciation (daily to anyone no matter their position)

6. Midday Break (take time away to take a short walk to think of gratitude)

7. Blessings in Disguise (when you are going through rough times don't react in the moment it could just be a blessing in disguise that is setting you up for something better.) I have a few personal testimonies that I will share that definitely shows this is REAL!

8. Gratitude Gatherings (with friends, I don't know about this one haha)

9. Nature Walk (now that is about to get back warm this is perfect to enjoy the beauty of nature and be grateful)

10. Be grateful for YOU!! (take time to notice who you are, your gifts, and your goodness of intent)

In addition, one of the stories mentioned this as ongoing practice for a couple but I am implementing it for a week. I challenge you to do it with me or start next week. I am driving with NO MUSIC at all for the whole week! Taking time to think on the things I am grateful for and positive thoughts. All commutes are now silent until Sunday! The book also mentioned Yoga once a week not for exercise or to lose weight but simply to spend time thinking on gratitude and relaxing. I am a very hyper person and I workout to produce results so the first time I tried Yoga years ago I walked out mid-way through. I just remember not feeling like I was working out, hating downward dog face, and thought it was stupid! LOL But I have an LA Fitness membership here in Atlanta and I have already looked up the class schedule so I am going to re-try Yoga with a different mindset this week. I encourage you to take this journey with me if you will. Comment your thoughts, progress, and questions. Have a peaceful, prosperous, and great week ladies! Adjust your crown and get it done! My plan is to buy a gratitude journal at Marshall's, silent commutes, Yoga once per week, smile before sleep meditating on gratitude thoughts, appreciating people in my life more, showing gratitude to all people, nature walks, being grateful for ME, and midday breaks! Which do you plan to impliment?

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