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Controlling YOUR power

Have you ever been in a situation where you allowed someone else to take your POWER? I can honestly say I have fell victim of allowing someone else to control me emotions. This blog post comes from inspiration from a beautiful young woman from Memphis, TN that asked me years ago to mentor her. And we have been in touch every so often every since. I am always there whenever she needs me or wants to vent. But I always give an honest prospective.

I had a boss well a few bosses that would get under my skin by the things that said or did. But I had to realize I was making MYSELF more miserable by allowing them to get to me. We cannot control other people or their actions; we can only control how we react. I struggle with this daily, I am far from perfect but I am very transparent and always open to becoming better. Honestly that is what life and constant growth is all about! I would get so emotional even in the workplace allowing an individual to get me worked up about how they handled themselves in the workplace. But I had to realize it was not a good look for me. I am blunt but I can’t say whatever to people that is in an “authority” position. Every season has a purpose including a job so there is a reason you are placed where you are right now. You may not understand it right now but I promise there is a plan for the long-haul. I had to change MY mindset to be thankful for my position and not allow them to get me bent out of shape. You can refer back to my previous blog post on gratitude to assist with that renewed mindset as well. Guess what I have outlasted at least two of those managers in my past that I use to allow them to control my power. They both quit so the moral of this story is to hold on, stay prayed up, and control what you can control, which is your mindset.

Do not allow anyone to alter your destiny route. I am talking co-workers, managers, sorority sisters, classmates, professor, church members, and anyone else you have to come in contact with in life. This can apply to every life. I am not saying it will be easy but it is a journey. We can all work towards this notion daily. We will keep OUR POWER! We will not allow anyone to get the best of us especially in our work/education environment. Today I declare that we take back our control in every situation. Happy International Women’s Day! Remember adjust your crown and wear it well!

#power #mentoring

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