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Everyone is Important

Often times we are not happy with where we are right now. It is okay to always strive for more but in the process be thankful for where you are right now. It could be that you are not happy with your job, your position, your pay, your relationship, or the lack thereof, weight, friendships, family relationships, having your own family, car, traveling, house/apartment, city of residence, finances, and much more but there are people out there that will NEVER have what you have currently. That should be motivation to be thankful for the now more than ever! What you are complaining about someone else is wishing and hoping for but they will never reach it. It could always be worse no matter what the situation.

I have a huge heart for those mistreated, less fortunate, or disabled. I don't see classism. I talk to the janitor at my job daily; some of my favorite conversations come from the friends I've made at our Subway, the workers at the Chic-Fil-A restaurants I go to often, etc. I really try to get to know people for who they are not based on where they are for example I speak up when I think someone is being treated very unfairly in public. I don't think I'm any better than the next person. My employment nor my education puts me above anyone! Some people forget that that people they come across daily are human beings! They are someone's family member, someone's everything. With my personality I will talk to any and everyone. I can find some type of common ground with anyone. This world can be so cruel and it saddens me to see people hurt. My hope is that I can at least being cheer into one person’s life. Some of the best stories came from me volunteering at the Room at the Inn homeless shelter and working part-time at a teen crisis shelter.

The moral of this blog is to: 1. be thankful for where you are in life right now. It is someone wishing for the life that you have and will never have all that you have now. 2. treat people with kindness. 3. you are no greater than anyone else. 4. treat people as equals and with respect. Take the time out to put yourself in their shoes. You don’t know their story and how they got to where they are today. It could happen to any of us. Think of those that may not have family to help them when in need and as we all know anyone could lose their job even in a downsize. We can make a positive difference in the world just in how we treat one another. A smile and a warm casual conversation can go a long way. J You never know who people can become or how you could positively impact their life. Follow the theory of treating the janitor the same as you would treat the CEO. For example, once upon a time a janitor that worked for Frito Lay that accidently came up with Hot Cheetos and was quickly promoted. So treat EVERYONE with respect and kindness!!

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