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February is known as the month of love. Valentine's Day can make some women feel sad. I have been that girl before for several years. However, I want to focus on self-love. As women we have to learn how to love ourselves first. I have always loved myself, maybe a little too much haha But if you are single and you don't have a date for Valentine's Day here are some ideas for you that I have personally did before:

  1. Cook yourself a good meal and watch a movie you have not seen before. You can even go so far is to make a cute desert like chocolate covered strawberries (I prefer white chocolate). You can get the melted chocolate from Walmart in the baking aisle. I even got creative by adding pink and red sprinkles and sugar. Treat yourself!

  2. Send yourself some edible arrangements. And write a sweet message to yourself.

  3. Make reservations with your other single friends. Get doll’d all up and have dinner with your friends. I am sure you are not the only single friend so all go together and enjoy that love! Have girl talk and enjoy the moment. I also went so far is to make them chocolate covered strawberries and a small gift. Valentine’s Day is about love and not just the romantic kind.

  4. If you are a mother take your child/children out to eat and give them a cute gift. They are your biggest loves in your life why not honor and appreciate them.

  5. If you have a single mother treat your mom! Life is short so bring your mom a dozen of red roses make her feel special.

  6. Host a dinner and game night at your house for your other single friends! Laughter is the best medicine for the soul.

Love is love it is not specific to romantic, family, or friends. You have love all around you so don’t get down on yourself. Love yourself and appreciate everything about you! Accept your flaws (both physical and personality) and be open to becoming better if you know it is something you need to do. Once you love yourself no one can tell you any different! What someone else thinks of you, your looks, your body, your appearance, or your personality will not matter. We will go into more detail at the Self-Love workshop in Atlanta, GA on February 25th 6 pm-8pm. With love Happy Valentine’s Day! Xoxo

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