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Glam Home Decor featuring Lauren Allah

Who would’ve known that I would have became very interested in décor! I blame Pintrest for that newfound interest. It is so much inspiration on Pintrest to give you ideas and concepts on everything! I view home décor like fashion for your living space. It’s all about style, personality, and suitability. I had such a fun time decorating my townhouse when I closed in 2014. Each room had a theme and look. I decided my room and bathroom would embody my style (white, fur, diamonds, sequin, mirrored, glass, glam, girly, chic, and accents! It is perfect for me! I pieced everything together from different stores! Make your space yours but also budget out your pieces. I love when people say “your room is so you”! Our homes should be our comfort space to add peace to our lives!

I would love to think that I am a décor expert thanks to Pintrest but honestly I am not. So I called in a expert to help with speaking about décor! I love her! I have been following her for years and she is just awesome I love her demeanor, pink, style, ambition, bubbly personality, positive attitude, relationship, and so much more! Lauren Allah is a 25-year-old Detroit native entrepreneur and licensed Realtor in the State of Michigan. She owns a hair company, Katch Kollection, she recently launched a Real Estate T-Shirt line, “Your new FAB agent”. In addition, she is a lead inspector and risk assessor, home decorator, stager, and a women’s empowerment life coach! She clearly wears a lot of hats! Her home décor is what caught my eye about her style! Lauren graduated from Bowling Green State University. She is determined to help individuals understand the importance of homeownership and financial freedom while spreading positivity, love, and happiness! Let’s here what she says about home décor!

1. What are some of your favorite places to shop for home decor?

Some of my all time favorite places to shop for home decor include Pier 1, Home goods and Target!

2. How can one decorate their space on a budget but still make it look fabulous?

I always make it a priority to shop on a budget! Prior to going shopping make a strict budget and stick to it! Write out exactly what you plan to purchase and focus on your list! Check for any discount codes and/or coupons that are currently available!

3. How did you first become interested in home decor?

I have been interested in home decor for years. My mother has been in Real Estate for 27 years, which is longer than I have been in the World! Since elementary school, I have helped her stage properties for perspective clients! She also allowed me at a very young age to decorate my own room and bathroom! Once I became a Realtor, after my clients purchased homes they would ask for assistance decorating their home as an additional service!

4. What tips and tools did you learn during your decor certificate program?

Earning my certification helped me learn about trends. For years, I have done exactly what I wanted. Whatever was cute to me was my inspiration. However, getting into the business it is very important that I understand what is currently trending!

5. What are some staple home decor pieces everyone should have?

If possible, everyone should paint! This will add character to each room, even if it is simply an accent wall. Also, throw blankets! They are very inexpensive

6. How does one decide on a color scheme?

There's no right or wrong color theme. It totally depends on your personality, however there are color combinations that look best together. For example, grey, yellow and white or pastel pink, grey and white. It's important to use neutral colors while also incorporating bold colors. 60% of the room should be the dominant color and 30% should be the secondary color.

7. What’s the most appealing to homebuyers when staging homes?

It is very important when staging a home to make sure the home is not cluttered! Most homebuyers love natural light, hardwood flooring and a simplistic, modern look. It is very important to make sure furniture isn't oversized and that there aren't too many items in the room. Homebuyers want a clean canvas where they are able to visualize their items in the home.

8. Do you switch up the decor based on seasons?

Each season, I make sure to change the wreath on my front door and I change the different scents including plug-ins and candles. I have seen many different homeowners change their decor drastically during each season, however that can become extremely expensive and I personally lack the storage space.

9. What other advice would you offer mentees on decor?

Have fun! Try new things with decor. Learn to shop on a budget. A great home stager and decorator know how to shop on a strict budget and know how to work on a tight budget. There are always DIY products that can be done beautifully and can be very inexpensive! Stay up-to-date with trends. Trends change quickly so one day, pastel pink can be "in" and the next day it isn't! When working in the business it is important to keep up with the latest trends, however for personal use, do whatever makes you happy!

10. What’s your home decor inspiration?

My personal home decor is glam! I currently love white furniture, hardwood flooring, gray walls and glass furniture! This is exactly how I designed my entire home! Clean, chic and simplistic!

I feel so inspired after reading these decor tips! I hope this helps you with your new space 2018 goals!

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