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Happy Valentine's Day ladies or shall I say GALentine's! It is a day to celebrate love not just from a significant other but to YOURSELF and your loved ones! Take this day to do something nice for yourself. Good thing is that it is during the week so we all have to go to work or school plus the next day as well! Order one of your favorite meals to-go, grab your favorite dessert, watch a great movie, and do a face mask. That is a quick mid-week self-care routine. Over the weekend you can take yourself or with your girls to see Black Panther, go to the nail shop, take yourself out to eat, and do whatever makes you happy! We have to pour back into ourselves when we are constantly busy. Take time to relax and reflect on all of the good! Love can come from a multitude of places but the most important is self-love. Know that I love you!

I love everything about Dr. Mimi's brand and self-care campaign! What caught my eye, even more, was her self-care calendar of ideas that you can do to participate in self-care. See the attached pdf Dr. Mimi is not only a board-certified adult psychiatrist; she is also an emotional wellness expert and stress management strategist. With several years of experience in the mental health field, Dr. Mimi coaches each client with the goals of enhancing their inner beauty. Dr. Mimi is passionate about women’s issues and how stress can affect our inner and outer beauty. She is coined the “Inner Beauty Psychiatrist.” She believes in cosmetic psychiatry---enhancing one’s inner beauty just as women enhance their outer appearance. Just as women go to the salon and have wellness visits with their primary care doctor, Dr. Mimi believes the same emphasis needs to be placed on emotional well being and the inner beauty. She encourages each client to become the best “You” holistically, which includes emotional and physical health. She also believes if “You Look Good, You Will Feel Even Better.

Dr. Mimi first attended Tennessee State University in Nashville, TN where she earned her degree in chemistry. She continued to pursue her passion in medicine at the Ohio University College of Medicine. After receiving her doctorate, Dr. Mimi completed her Psychiatry Residency at The Cleveland Clinic. She later also received additional education and training at Case Western Reserve University Public and Community Psychiatry Fellowship Program. It is an honor to have this collaboration with Dr. Mimi!

1. How do you define self-love?

My definition of Self Love is intentionally caring for yourself holistically, defining your own happiness unapologetically, and fully knowing yourself and your self-worth.

2. Why is self-love so important?

Having self-love is vital for individuals, especially women. Having love for self will greatly influence our decisions in our career, picking a spouse/partner, as well as loving to be our own best company. A woman should be in love with everything about herself, even her “flaws” and quirks. Practicing self-love and having a love for self-allows us to use these “flaws” or quirks as advantages and recognize our uniqueness. Take the young model with the chronic skin disease vitiligo, Winnie Harlow, for instance. She has leverage what society may have called a disorder or flaw and successfully been able to love herself despite the bullying or previous low self-esteem and become one of the most recognizable and one of the most unique supermodel.

3. What are some different ways one can show self-love?

There are many ways to show self-love. The key is that it, just like self-care, has to be intentional. I, for instance, use daily affirmations and write special love notes to myself on post its to remind myself of who I am and who God has called me to be. Right now, I have a post -it on my laptop reminding me that “I am blessed and UNSTOPPABLE.” Can you share your self-love calendar? My downloadable self love challenge calendar is available on my website (under the resource tab)

4. How did self-love become a big factor in your psychology career?

As a board-certified psychiatrist that specializing in women mental health and emotional health expert, I see women daily that struggle with low self-esteem and have made poor decisions due to their lack of self-love or searching for validation from others. I try to convey during their sessions that true happiness and satisfaction comes from within.

5. Why do you feel it is hard for some people to participate in self-love?

The excuse of “lack of time” is often used by some to say they can not participate in self-love. Again, it has to be just as intentional as getting our hair and nails done. And how does a busy person still incorporate self-love activities when they work full-time, mother, wife, and extra-curricular activities? You incorporate self-love by making it a habit. For example, make it a habit to wake up and thank GOD then also tell yourself an affirmation. Or someone can designate a day out the week or month to take herself on a date to appreciate her accomplishments. I tell women “we do it for our loved ones—why can’t we appreciate and celebrate ourselves. It's not selfish, its Self-FULL.”

6. What is the best advice you can give a young lady?

My advice to a young lady, especially if she is single, not married, it to enjoy this time and be SELF-FULL. Learn everything about yourself and work on any area of improvements. Don’t judge yourself for anything, just take note of it and move on.

7. How can one gain more self-confidence when they have had low self-confidence for years due to situations throughout life?

First, you can gain more self confidence by eliminating ALL confidence “depleters," like negative people and that includes who you follow on social media. Secondly, you need to start filling yourself with positivity like a good Self Help Book (shameless plug--- my bookInner Beauty: Bringing True Beauty out in Every Woman will be available Fall 2018). Thirdly, again, intentionally and unapologetically learn and love who you truly are!

8. Is there anything you would like to add or say to a group of young women aspiring to grow and adjust their crowns?

Growth means there will be transition or change AND adjusting means that you will have to adapt to life circumstances. Learning to mature through these life's inevitable transitions is apart of the journey. SO... love yourself throughout the journey!

For more information please follow Dr. Mimi on Instagram @dr_mimi and check out her website at

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